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Don’t miss the benefits of securing disability insurance now—we’ve extended our hours to include nights and weekends!

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We’re glad you found us through The Match Guy.

Here at PearsonRavitz, we specialize in disability and life insurance. We’re a little different from other insurance brokers: our mission is to educate and empower physicians to make informed decisions regarding coverage.



We were founded by Dr. Stephanie Pearson, an OB/GYN disabled in the prime of her career, and Scott Ravitz, an insurance expert to the medical community.


We apply our medical expertise to ensure you the best policy options, and are committed to making the insurance process simple and transparent  — because we know firsthand how overwhelming it can be!

What You Can Always Expect From Us:
+ Honest communication
+ Purely objective advice
+ Support at every step

How Our Process Works

Personalized Consultation

One of our advisors will do a detailed review of your unique needs and circumstances, and walk you through a set of personalized insurance quotes (breaking down the complex terminology and elements like riders and discounts along the way).

Application Support

Our team will work with you to collect the information necessary to complete your application, keeping you up to date as it goes through carrier underwriting.

Committed Policy Care

After your personalized policy is in effect, we’ll check in with you once a year to make sure it still matches your needs as your career and personal life evolve.

Book Your Consultation

Take the first step towards getting the coverage that you and your family deserve, by filling out our form here and scheduling a personalized consultation and quote review.

You will be joining thousands of doctors across the country who trust PearsonRavitz with their insurance needs.

Please Note: After scheduling, we will collect the information necessary to create your personalized quotes to be reviewed during your consultation.


What physicians are saying about PearsonRavitz

Working with PearsonRavitz was easy. Their team is experienced, and their communication was succinct. I found them to be kind and their processes very personal, not generic in any way.

Elizabeth Jensen, D.O. | Internal Medicine

Elizabeth Jensen, D.O.
Internal Medicine

The process was very easy, quick, and painless. I appreciated the review of our existing policies. The only thing I would change – I wish I knew about PearsonRavitz when I was in residency!

Lauren Kokajko, M.D.

I appreciated the thorough explanations and the transparency provided by my broker at PearsonRavitz. My experience navigating the world of disability insurance in the middle of my transition from resident physician to attending was so refreshing, and I can’t recommend PearsonRavitz enough.

Jennifer Narvaez, M.D

PearsonRavitz provided me with personal and prompt responses. They have an excellent process, and I loved all of the team members I worked with.

Teykia Deveaux, M.D.

Dr. Pearson and her team were incredibly organized, professional, easy to work with, and very responsive. I’m only disappointed that I didn’t contact PearsonRavitz much earlier for my and my husbands’ disability and life insurance needs.

Vi Bowman, M.D.
Infectious Disease

PearsonRavitz is so knowledgeable and attentive to the needs of their clients. Their response time was very quick. I genuinely believe PearsonRavitz is the best in the industry for physician-specific insurance needs.

Jamie Schaeffer, M.D
Family Medicine

Dr. Pearson and her team are so pleasant and approachable, and most of all – knowledgeable and willing to help find the best options for their clients.

Deborah Lim, M.D.
Ophthalmic Surgeon