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Lee George

Insurance Advisor

Lee George

My path to PearsonRavitz was an unexpected yet serendipitous redirect from my initial course. After graduating film school, I moved to Los Angeles with the dream of becoming the next great film producer. My first job was at a television studio where I maintained a massive library of everything from feature films to Super Bowl commercials. I was constantly carrying tapes up and down a rolling metal ladder; on one of those trips, I caught my foot on a stair, twisted my knee and felt an unusual discomfort. I immediately knew that something was wrong. Though not sure where to turn next, I felt somewhat relieved that my employer appeared to have the benefits in place to protect me.

As a young and healthy recent graduate, I didn’t have a primary care physician—so I relied on the direction of the insurance company. It was my naive belief that this insurance carrier and my employer-provided benefits would make me whole again. The insurance company’s Orthopedic Specialist hastily determined that I had a slight meniscus tear and that I’d be walking the day after a brief surgery. I have always trusted my doctors—but something seemed off, so I sought an independent second opinion.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

The second opinion provided a much more serious diagnosis—a large meniscus tear whose surgery would render me completely non-weight bearing for months. As post-surgery physical therapy was winding down, the insurance company informed me that it was time to close my case. I understood that they were washing their hands of me, but they paid for my surgery, rehabilitation and 30% of my weekly income—so I signed the settlement paperwork.

Once again… I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Had I been better educated in the insurance process, I would have known that the insurance carrier was only providing the minimum for which they were responsible, and that my employer-provided benefits were not nearly as comprehensive as I had mistakenly expected. I was entitled to more than I was aware, but that window closed when I signed the paperwork.

Obviously I can’t go back in time to better educate my younger self on what I could have and should have done differently; so for me, PearsonRavitz is my opportunity to provide the education, direction and advocacy support that I didn’t have. I am honored to be a part of a team that is both reshaping the insurance landscape while remaining sincerely focused on doing what’s best for the client.

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