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Becky Anderson

Applications and Program Manager

Becky Anderson

Becky, armed with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines, once aspired to design roller coasters. Her path, however, meandered through global adventures before aligning her with Stephanie Pearson and Scott Ravitz at the inception of PearsonRavitz. As the company’s first hire, Becky’s roles span from hands-on disability insurance applications to developing an online portal for a streamlined client experience. A key player in team recruitment and growth, she now leads the Applications + Illustrations and Client Services teams, driven by a passion for efficiency and a positive work environment.

Beyond her insurance endeavors, Becky’s pursuits range from people-watching and neighborhood walks to DIY projects and social gatherings. She balances rigorous hikes with immersive Dungeons & Dragons sessions and cherishes moments with her feline companions amid a thriving collection of plants.

Favorite Philly Restaurant: Eeva
Favorite Color: Chartreuse


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