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Stephanie Pearson MD, FACOG

Stephanie Pearson, MD, FACOG, is a passionate advocate for physicians’ financial well-being and identity in medicine. With a mission to empower healthcare professionals, she discusses topics like disability insurance, financial stability, and career challenges. As a dynamic speaker and expert, Dr. Pearson sheds light on struggles faced by physicians, especially women. Her thought leadership extends to healthcare disparities, women’s health, and self-care, inspiring resilience and well-being among physicians.


Her Story

Stephanie Pearson’s journey from practicing OB/GYN to disability insurance advocate is a testament to resilience and advocacy. Her career took an unexpected turn after a challenging delivery led to a career-altering shoulder injury, highlighting unforeseen gaps in her coverage. This experience ignited a passion within her to advocate for better understanding and access to disability insurance among healthcare professionals. Leveraging her medical expertise and personal experience, Dr. Pearson transitioned into a dedicated advocate, educating and empowering her peers in the healthcare industry to secure reliable disability coverage. Today, she continues to champion the cause of healthcare providers in all fifty states, ensuring they are equipped with the protection they need to safeguard their careers and financial well-being.

Event Availability

• Keynote Presentations
• Conference Panels
• In-person Hospital Lectures
• In-person Grand Rounds
• In-person Podcast Guest

Virtual Availability

• Virtual Hospital Lectures
• Virtual Grand Rounds
• Guest Author for Journals and Blogs
• Virtual Podcast Guest

I want to be seen as a disruptor. I really want people to remember me as somebody who acted out of passion and value and doing the right thing and shaking things up a little bit.

Stephanie Pearson, MD, FACOG

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Lecture Topics

Personal Story

+ From Injury to Reinvention: How I Learned to Navigate Disability Insurance Firsthand

+ Handling Derailment: What to Do When Your Career is Disrupted

+ Unveiling the Power of Narratives in Medical Practice

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I have had a wonderful experience working with Stephanie. From my initial consultation she established herself as an intensely caring person. Stephanie clearly has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she can draw upon to tailor her recommendations to the specific nuances of individuals and families. She really establishes herself as an educator with sincere interests in helping her clients make the best short and long-term decisions. I truly consider Stephanie a friend and an invaluable advocate for my family’s financial security.


Seeing Stephanie speak time and again, it is easy to see the natural gift she has for connecting with her audience. I have seen her speak to rapt audiences, despite the fact that insurance can be a dry topic. She brings it to life, leveraging her astounding vulnerability and the sublimation of her own experiences. From her work to her educational efforts, she helps her fellow physicians in life-changing ways. She is a shining star as a physician advocate.


Stephanie is great, we would recommend her to anyone! We previously knew next to nothing about disability insurance, but Stephanie was very helpful and reassuring. We previously found insurance policies and associated jargon confusing, cumbersome, and frankly annoying. Stephanie broke it down for us, patiently explained verbiage and policy differences, and gave us peace of mind.


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