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Don’t miss the benefits of securing disability insurance now—we’ve extended our hours to include nights and weekends!

Our Services

We are personal insurance brokers for healthcare professionals. We specialize in two types of insurance: disability (income protection) and life insurance.


While we hope we’re the friendliest, we know it’s our medical knowledge that really sets us apart from other brokerages.

Our team’s deep medical expertise means that we’re able to have meaningful conversations with underwriters in regards to specific components of your medical history to ensure you get the coverage you need.

With us, you’ll access more than just our expertise. We pride ourselves on valuing personal relationships, and ensure that you’ll have a dedicated point of contact for the duration of your policy. Each year we’ll check in on you to ensure your policy is evolving in line with your career and personal circumstances — and we are, of course, always there for any questions that may come up in-between.

We’re here to translate the jargon.

Our goal is for you to have a complete understanding of your policy, i.e. what you’ll be paying each month and what your coverage actually is. We know how confusing the terminology can be, and are here to simplify the process.

We live and breathe the fine print.

We’re here to interpret your policy, so there are no surprises down the road should you need to make a claim. The medical background of our team gives us an unmatched ability to advocate for you around standard exclusions.

We know you’re unique.

We don’t use quote calculators because we don’t believe that you benefit from a quote compiled by an algorithm. Our focus is on personalized care and ensuring a solution that fits your individual needs.

Our mantra is to empower, not sell.

We’re brokers, not agents, meaning we’re not beholden to a particular insurance provider (and therefore not incentivised to push you one way or another). Choosing a policy is an important life decision and we want you to feel confident in your choice.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is a plan that will ensure you continue to receive a portion of your income, should you become physically or cognitively unable to fulfill the requirements of your specific job.

It can be easy to think that the only people at risk of these types of severe injuries are extreme sports enthusiasts, elderly people, or simply “others.” However, accidents can happen to anyone. In the extremely unfortunate circumstance that you find yourself in a situation like our CEO did—no longer able to practice the profession you were educated and trained for—an appropriate disability insurance policy would kick in and help you meet your expenses. This type of policy would allow you and your family to continue your standard of living and would give you the freedom to recover (and possibly retrain) without financial stress.

You can learn more about disability insurance on our Insurance 101 page, and schedule a 45-minute consultation if you’d like personalized guidance in selecting a policy.

Life Insurance

Like disability insurance, life insurance is something most people don’t believe applies to them (surely it’s just for the elderly?).

However, your death or your partner’s death could be financially as well as emotionally devastating for your family. Many are forced to hastily sell off important assets, such as the family home, to make ends meet. Life insurance allows you to spare your family from the stress of making tough, life-changing choices such as these in a time of grief.

Life insurance can also benefit you while you’re still alive; certain types of life insurance have a cash value that can grow and serve as equity. Depending on the policy, you can use the cash value of the policy as collateral for a loan or even withdraw the money outright. Life insurance can help you now — and help them later.

To better understand the possibilities, and determine the type of life insurance that could best benefit you and your family, schedule a consultation and personalized quote review.

Don’t just take our word for it

I appreciated the honest candor and advice from Dr. Pearson concerning my particular situation. I also appreciated my client coordinator’s communications; she kept me on track to ensure I got this done.

Mr. G.M.

Dr. Pearson and her team are so pleasant and approachable, and most of all—knowledgeable and willing to help find the best options for their clients.

Deborah Lim, M.D.
Ophthalmic Surgeon

Great service, hands down. Stephanie is so knowledgeable and personable—she is your advocate!

Tatianie Jackson, M.D.

PearsonRavitz’s service was outstanding. The advice that I received was honest and detailed. I felt comfortable at all stages.

Bradford Black, J.D.

I appreciated the thorough explanations and the transparency provided by my broker at PearsonRavitz. My experience navigating the world of disability insurance in the middle of my transition from resident physician to attending was so refreshing, and I can’t recommend PearsonRavitz enough.

Jennifer Narvaez, M.D,

While working with Dr. Karten, I felt like I was his only client; he patiently answered all of my many, many questions.

Benjamin Church, D.O.
Emergency Medicine Physician

PearsonRavitz is so knowledgeable and attentive to the needs of their clients. Their response time was very quick. I genuinely believe PearsonRavitz is the best in the industry for physician-specific insurance needs.

Jamie Schaeffer, M.D.
Family Medicine

I appreciated the personal attention I received and the tailored explanation of complex benefits in a way that made sense. I feel like I received the right amount of pertinent information to make my decision.

S.W.S., M.D.
Breast Surgical Oncology

The team at PearsonRavitz was very responsive and helpful. My client coordinator was great at staying on top of me with reminders if I forgot to complete an item required for the application process.

A.S.C., D.O.

The process was very easy, quick, and painless. I appreciated the review of our existing policies. The only thing I would change—I wish I knew about PearsonRavitz when I was in residency!

Lauren Kokajko, M.D.

My broker, Dr. Karten, was super responsive and actually educated me on what I was getting into. He was able to help me select a policy at a reasonable price point with a discount. I have no suggestions for what the PearsonRavitz team could have done better.

Rikki Racela, M.D.

I loved working with Dr. Pearson; she is lovely and made everything so pleasant. My client coordinator was also on point in keeping up with my application.

Seema Bonney, M.D.
Emergency Medecine

Dr. Pearson was incredibly informative and walked me through the complicated life and disability insurance process. She was patient and explained the complex topics easily. I have already recommended PearsonRavitz to several friends in residency.

Luke Wallis, M.D.

Everyone was great! Superb. The PearsonRavitz team paid close attention to detail and deadlines.

L.L., M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon

My client coordinator kept on top of my application and sent regular updates during the process. It was a great experience, and the PearsonRavitz team did an excellent job.

Vonetta Sylvestre, M.D.

Emileah was a great, patient, and friendly broker and resource. My client coordinator was similarly excellent in helping me navigate the underwriting process. I loved the un-conflicted “non-captive” broker experience. I’ve recommended PearsonRavitz to at least a dozen colleagues and friends. Working with this team was much better than my parallel experience with another agency.

Mr. B.D.
Financial Professional

PearsonRavitz provided me with personal and prompt responses. They have an excellent process, and I loved all of the team members I worked with.

Teykia Deveaux, M.D.

PearsonRavitz provided a personal touch through the process. Scott was excellent to work with and answered all of my questions. My client coordinator kept me updated along the way.

Lee Hugar, M.D,

Working with PearsonRavitz was easy. Their team is experienced, and their communication was succinct. I found them to be kind and their processes very personal, not generic in any way.

Elizabeth Jensen, D.O.
Internal Medicine

The team members of PearsonRavitz that I interacted with were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. My client coordinator, in particular, was very timely with all of his email responses and was very patient and kind. Overall, I had a great experience working with PearsonRavitz and would highly recommend them to others.

T.N., M.D.

Dr. Pearson and her team were incredibly organized, professional, easy to work with, and very responsive. I’m only disappointed that I didn’t contact PearsonRavitz much earlier for my and my husbands’ disability and life insurance needs.

Vi Bowman, M.D.
Infectious Disease

Dr. Pearson was very knowledgeable, and my client coordinator’s email communication was prompt and helpful. I’ve passed PearsonRavitz’s information onto others!

Emily Gropp, M.D.
Internal Medicine

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