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I’m a disabled physician. Don’t repeat my mistakes when buying disability insurance.

After an on-the-job incident left me disabled and financially vulnerable, my mission is to educate my fellow physicians on proper coverage. During the early years of your career, take advantage of resident specific benefits and discounts.

Stephanie Pearson, MD, FACOG

CEO and Insurance Advisor

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3 things I wish I knew about disability insurance during residency

Earlier is better.

If you can, lock in your coverage before you complete your residency to get the most coverage at the best rate. 

You can’t ignore the fine print.

Have a thorough understanding of your policy riders and definitions. “Own Occupation” is a must!

You need a plan that will grow with you.

Policies are not set and forget, your plan should keep pace with your income throughout your career.

The process was very easy, quick, and painless. I appreciated the review of our existing policies. The only thing I would change – I wish I knew about PearsonRavitz when I was in residency! 

Lauren Kokajko, M.D.

We’ll find a plan that’s right for you. Connect with my trusted team to get started now.